Saturday, June 5, 2010

Snack: A Healthy Alternative

Last night I was craving something sweet but I didn’t want to indulge my sweet tooth by eating ice cream or cake.

Instead, I opted for a sweet, healthy concoction.


Campoverde Jumbo Strawberries are ideal for smoothies and shakes.

100% all natural, no sugar, preservatives or additives of any kind!

I love strawberries!


Milk helps keep bones and teeth healthy and strong!

I prefer to drink light milk.

Take a couple of the frozen strawberries and some milk and throw them in your blender. 

If you like your smoothies more on the creamy side make sure to add extra strawberries. 

If you prefer your smoothie to be more liquidy then add more milk.

Add your sweetener of choice if you like really sweet things

(image from google images)


When you’re done mixing, pour into the glasses of your preference!

Enjoy by eating with a spoon or drinking it with a straw.



To make your smoothies even more appetizing top them with bite size strawberry pieces.

What kind of smoothies do you like?

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