Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday is here!

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I just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend filled with lots of fun and laughter!


  1. Thanks! My weekend started awesome!! I got my Sigma brushes and a foundation palette with different colors for freelancing purposes. Got me a headband from forever21 and a cute boho top! So excited for my little shopping.. hacia tiempo que no me compraba ropa, accesorios.. lol and this weekend I sing at my church so :-D!!!!! que la pases super!!

  2. thanks girl! u enjoy ures too!

  3. @ Fintia===Girl, I'm so jealous of all the goodies you got! JK :-) I'm really excited about you venturing into the world of freelancing MUA. I know you're going to do extremely well because you're talented and passionate about your art.

    I thought you sang at church every weekend. Guess I was mistaken :-)

    Have a great weekend!