Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What’s your favorite blush?

(image from: http://www.sephora.com)

Ever since my husband got me the NARS blush in Orgasm for Valentine’s Day, I find myself using it almost every time I do my make-up. I love the little gold shimmers mixed in with the peachy pinkish shade. I love how well it goes with colorful eyeshadows.

What is your favorite blush as of lately?


  1. I also love this one! My favourite at the moment is Urban Decay in 'Score' its kind of like this colour but a little more peech. I also love MAC 'Blushbaby'.

  2. My favorite lately is mac sunbasque!!It lasts all day long!!

  3. I'd have to agree with NARS Orgasm!


  4. I do not own may blushes.. I do love peachykeen and I've been using a lot my MAC Springshine Ombre :-)

  5. girl ... i love this blush too! nars is an amazing brand ... i got mine when they had the neimans beauty event. i want a peach tone blush though ... any suggestions?

  6. I just love blush, I don't have a fava. when your skin is alway's changing as mine does from dry and spotty to normal ..to oil and spotty lol can't win. I like to go between power for summer and a mouse for winter. I do love NAR's xxxxxxxxxx

    Happy Easter xxxx