Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: Covergirl Clean Foundation

I have been using the Covergirl Clean foundation in Medium Light for approximately 11 days on and off.  Initially, I had bought it to use at home when I play around with my makeup and perhaps even to go out during the day. After having used it on several occasions I will only be using it to play around with make-up.

Here are my thoughts on the product:

  • It’s a little bit difficult to get the product out of the bottle. You have to tap the opening of the bottle hard against your hand or mixing surface.
  • Sometimes the product seems to clog up in the bottle.
  • Make sure to put on a very thin layer of the product because it can be a bit difficult to blend.  I use a MAC 187 SE and it always does a good job of blending my foundation but it took me longer than usual with this foundation in particular.
  • The product does not work well underneath the eye area.  No matter how thin or thick of a layer I put on, the product would just cake into my under eye area making the lines down there more pronounced than they really are.

Don’t get me wrong, I will keep using the product but only on occasions when I feel like trying out new looks in the privacy of my home or whenever I film my Youtube videos.  I would never use this foundation to go out.

Remember, this product may not have done wonders for me but, it could very well work for you!


  1. Drugstore foundations are always a hazzle for me. I think the only decent one I found is the Revlon Color Stay foundation. The only thing is that at the end of the day this foundation sets on my lines and pores. I use it sometimes still because I want to finish the bottle. But then again, lots of people rave about this Revlon one and it's great but like I said on me, it settles after a few hours. :-)

  2. Yeah, that's the thing about these products; what works for some may not work for others.

    Now I remember why I stopped buying drugstore foundations. I don't like the whole trial and error process.

    Hope you're doing well!:-)

  3. I can't believe I have never thought of having a 'play around' foundation! I am definitely going to buy a cheap drugstore foundation for this purpose! we don't have cover girl here though

  4. @Nicolacc==> I just didn't want to keep using my MAC foundation if I wasn't going to go out. :-)
    Hope you find a good inexpensive foundation. If you do, let me know :-)