Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cool Music!

As I was driving my mother’s car yesterday morning I noticed that she had a Michael Jackson CD.  I immediately grabbed it and popped it in the CD player.  As soon as the music started, my body started to move to the beat of the songs and a surge of happy-good feelings went traveling through my body.

It doesn’t matter how long I go without listening to his songs because when I do hear them they sound better and better.  I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson’s music ever since I can remember.

No matter what song of his you listen to you can always tell it’s him.  He had a unique voice, style and dancing abilities which I would say are unparalleled to this day.

Some of my favorite MJ songs are:

  • Thriller
  • Beat It
  • Billie Jean
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Dirty Diana

What are some of your favorite Jackson songs?



  1. I think he was a unique artist as well.

  2. the thriller record was the first I ever owned! my dad brought it home for us one friday evening as a surprise and I remember dancing around the sitting room!

    I think the song is called 'the girl is mine' the one with paul McCartney, I love that song :)

  3. Nicolacc==> I know the song you's a very cool song :-)

  4. i have fond memories of Jackson 5. not that I grew up with them but my father did and we would listen to that cd all the time and he would teach me the moves. I think with every cd he wrote I have a memory

  5. pinkcorazon==> That's so cool of your dad!