Monday, April 19, 2010

In's & Out

My sister brought over the 2 most recent editions of US magazine for me to read. I found this brief article in the April 12th issue that mentions what is considered trendy and tired at the moment.


• Colorful eyelids
• Jeweled hairpins
• Pixie haircuts
• Liquid blush
• Graduated color
• Bright lips


• Black smokey eyes
• Thick headbands
• Chin length bobs
• Pink powder blush
• Allover highlights
• Shiny nude gloss

Which of these trends are you rocking or plan on leaving aside for the time being?


  1. Im a bit sad that they've "decided" to off thick headbands, I think they're adorable! and I hated nude lips when they first came in but they're really growing on me now.. they really need to give the rest of time to catch on before outing trends haha :) and pink powder blush should never go out, it definitely flatters a lot of people!


  2. I really don't pay attention to trends. I wear what I love :-)

  3. I mostly just wear what I feel like that day. I love dark smokey eye make up best but I probably won't wear it too much in the summer....I don't think I could give it up completely though :)

  4. I don't read any magazines and I never pay attention to what people say is IN or OUT, I just wear whatever makes me feel good and happy! :-)

  5. oh-oh ... is the nars orgasm considered a pink blush? i love it and wear it everyday ...

  6. I love to know what trends are in style but, but for the most I just use what I think looks good on me.

    BBM==> I'm with you on NARS orgasm, I wear it every chance I get :-)

    Amberlights==> I agree with you on how pink blush flatters so many people. Plus, it's such a fun, happy color :-)

    Fintia==> Your lucky Sue! I would say, everything looks great on you :-)

    Niccolac==> I love dark smoky eye make-up as well but can't get it too look just right on me :-(

    Lipglossgossip==> You're definitely right! The most important thing is to make sure you like and feel well with yourself. This way others will catch on :-)