Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Postman Pat

My son will be 13 months old in less than a week and he has never shown any interest in watching television.  This was much to our delight because my husband and I prefer to expose our son to books, music, the outdoors, flashcards and age appropriate toys.

Yesterday, while I was changing his diaper, he happened to be holding the control and stumbled upon the QUBO channel. He could not stop staring at the characters from the show Postman Pat.

Postman Pat

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Postman Pat is a British stop-motion animated children's television series first produced by Woodland Animations. It is aimed at pre-school children, and concerns the adventures of Pat Clifton, a postman in the fictional village of Greendale (inspired by the real valley of Longsleddale in Cumbria)

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Last night, I programmed the t.v. to change to the show everyday.  I wanted to see if my son actually liked the show. To my surprise, while I was changing his diaper this morning the show came on and he could not stop staring. As soon as the show was over he got down from the sofa and went to play with his toy cars.

I think I like the show myself. The episodes are 1/2 hour and are very colorful. The background music is soothing. The 2 episodes we’ve seen have been related to friendship, not accusing people of doing things when you are not sure and helping each other out.

What are your opinions on letting children watch tv?



  1. I used to love Postman Pat when I was a little girl :)
    I don't have children, yet, but my parents always gave us a good mix of television, reading, toys, creative play and outdoor play.
    I don't think television is as bad for children as some people think, I just the the right programmes need to be chosen, and TV time should be selective.

  2. I loved Postman Pat when I was little.That music really brings me back to my childhood!
    I also think its important for children to get a good mix of activities and I think well selected tv programmes are fine in moderation.

  3. Jo & Natural Goodies ==> I agree with both of you :-) I guess being a first time mom I want to do as best I can. Definitely, I should allow a good mix of activities for my boy :-)

  4. ah I can't belive they still show post man pat, I (as everyone else seems to have) used to love him, I still love cats! I had a cat named jess!

    I think in moderation TV is ok. My daughter hasn't shown any interest in anything other than a rugby match my husband was watching! she just went quiet and stared at it!