Monday, February 22, 2010

CVS Goodies

Yesterday I went to CVS for the first time (it's the first one to open where I live) and I picked up some goodies!

They were having a sale on Cover Girl, buy 1 and get the 2nd free. I'm not really into CG, except for their mascaras; those I love. I ended up getting an Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo, which was why I wanted to go to CVS in the first place. I also got 2 CG single eyeshadows, snow blossom-shimmery almost transparent white, not to pigmented- and turquoise tempest- a matte turquoise blue (sort of reminds me of a peacock). Why not get them, they were on sale!

Can't wait to play with my mew stuff!


  1. That turquoise looks pretty! and how cool!!! where is that CVS located? I have those brushes and I used them all the time. They are great!

  2. We went to the CVS in Old San Juan. THey also opened one in Bayamon. Pretty soon they'll be inaugurating one in Arecibo and Dorado. Looks like Walgreens is going to have some serious competition.

    I got the brushes because so many people on YOUTUBE mention using Essence of Beauty. For the price, it was worth the try.