Monday, February 15, 2010

Why my sudden obsession with make-up

As the title of my blog lets you know I love make-up. My affair with make-up began more or less around twelve years ago I would say. I would have these make-up highs where I would buy loads of drugstore make-up. Then I would have these make-up lows where I would wear no make-up at all except for a little bit of lip gloss. Up until this point, I had always liked using make-up but I didn't know how to apply it correctly and in a creative and beautiful way.

All this changed two months ago thanks to an ex-college room-mate. I noticed that she started playing around with make-up a while back and started posting her looks on facebook. She would post ( and still posts) these beautiful looks with so many different color combinations. Little did I know that she started to get better and better thanks to youtube make-up tutorials.

Up until that point I was completely clueless to the whole youtube world. Little did I know that these youtube make up tuts would open my eyes to the way I see and use make up. Another unknown to me was that make-up would become a passion of mine. It's something that allows me to be creative and at the same time lets me have something that is solely mine.

I know I'll never get to be a make up guru but, I plan on learning as much as I can about make-up, how to best apply it and what color combinations work.

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