Monday, February 15, 2010

Mint Apple Nail Polish

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned how much I'm loving the whole nail polish thing. Lately I see myself changing my nail polish color once a week. But I always make sure to leave my nails completely bare for a couple of days in between random weeks so the nails can breath.

Lately I find myself buying Sinful Colors brand nail polish. I've gotten all of them at Walgreens when they are on sale 2 x 1. This week I went to walgreens to pick up some Vanilla ice cream and of course I was drawn to the cosmetics aisle' like I always am :-). I eyed every section and ended up getting one Sinful Color NAil Polish in mint apple. As soon as I saw the color I said I have to get it. THe color is so beautiful. It's like a jadish sea foam green with a hint of shimmer; it's a really pretty color. This color goes well now that we're getting close to spring because it can add and unexpected pop of color to your whole look.

The picture doesn't do the color justice.


  1. Love this color!! I'm slowly getting into nail polishes.. the thing is that my nails are not long at all, not even a little bit. I won a contest a few weeks ago and in the prizes 2 nail polishes are included so I've been growing my nails!

  2. I have the same issue, my nails don't grow so long due to various reasons among them that:
    1-they really don't grow fast and if they do grow they break easily. anyways, I like painting them depending on my mood. well I bought this new polish at the Sol Soleil store, that changes color. It it so awesome!!! indoors its like a light pink and outdoors it turns redish. It cost me $10.00 bucks but it was worth it, its like a 2x1 thing. everywoman shoud have one of these!

  3. Marielis, you should post a pick of the nail polish up on facebook, indoors and out. About the price, every once in a while we deserve to get ourselves some goodies. We work hard for the money, so we should be able to enjoy it. Of course, after all the bills have been paid. :-)

    Sol Soleil, is that the shop in Old SJ that sells color changing t-shirts...everything? :-)

  4. Sue, congratulations on being one of the winners for the Make-up by Risa contest. You're look was fantastic.

    I could definitely see you pulling off cool, funky nail polishes.